Miloš Bošnjaković

CEO/Executive Director

(Bachelor of Law)


Mr Bosnjakovic is a dual national of Australia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and was the co-founder and former director of both ASXlisted Balamara Resources Limited and dual ASX and LSE-listed Adriatic Metals plc. He is a qualified lawyer with extensive business experience in the Former Yugoslav Republics, Australia and New Zealand.

Mr Bosnjakovic has significant experience in the identification and commercialisation of minerals projects in the Balkans. He established Eastern Mining d.o.o. in 2013 which pegged and developed the Vares and Rupice deposits. Upon the incorporation of Adriatic Metals plc, he remained as director of Eastern Mining and from 2017 to July 2020 acted as both head of regulatory and board member for Adriatic. Mr Bosnjakovic played a critical role in securing government approvals and maintaining commumity relationships for the Vares and Rupice projects. Mr Bosnjakovic has a wide personal, business and legal network in the Former Yugoslav Republics.

Mr Bosnjakovic is fluent in English and the South Slavic languages. The Board considers that Mr Bosnjakovic is not an independent Director.