4 May 2022

KK UNSU and Lykos Balkan Metals sign sponsorship and scholarship agreement

Lykos Balkan Metals, headquartered in Bijeljina, has become the main sponsor of the Karate Club UNSU in Bijeljina for the remainder of the current season. Additionally, they have signed an individual sponsorship agreement with Marija Gavrilović, a member of the club and one of the most successful young karate athletes in the region.

The sponsorship agreements were ceremoniously signed at the headquarters of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian company, which specializes in geological exploration of base and precious metals and is owned by Australian company Lykos Limited Metals.“One of our policies as a socially responsible company is to actively participate in supporting the development and improvement of education, culture, and sports. We establish similar collaborations with clubs like KK UNSU in other local communities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina, where our projects are active, and where we also strive to provide support. In this way, we aim to strengthen the environments in which we operate, creating better opportunities for talented individuals and the collectives that bring them together,” emphasized Dejan Nikolić, the executive director of Lykos Balkan Metals.This is the first time since the establishment of KK UNSU in 2015, initiated by citizens and a group of athletes in Bijeljina, that representatives of the club have signed a sponsorship agreement of this kind. The club is known as a talent incubator, with its members achieving excellent results not only at the local and national levels but also regionally and globally.“We are grateful to the management of Lykos Balkan Metals for their understanding and determination to help us carry out our activities and achieve better competitive results. We will certainly strive to justify the trust placed in us with our activities and results, with the desire for our collaboration to be at the highest possible level and to last. At the same time, we hope to find similar companies that could provide scholarships for our other top young athletes, as they truly deserve it through their hard work and achievements,” emphasized Goran Ivković, the president of the club’s governing board.Marija Gavrilović, jedna od naujspješnijih mladih karatistkinja na ovim prostorimaKK UNSU, among other things, organizes the now-traditional event, the Bijeljina Open Karate Championship “Trofej Bijeljine,” which will be held for the fifth time this year on May 22nd. This international competition attracts hundreds of male and female karate athletes of all age categories, making it one of the highest-quality tournaments in the region.
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