LYKOS Metals Limited

European Metals Exploration and Development

LYKOS Metals Limited

Exploring for Metals on the doorstep of the EU

Lykos Metals Limited owns 100% of each of the Doboj Project, Jezero Project, Sockovac Project, Sinjakovo Project and the Cajnice Project, located in Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The projects have a history of high-grade minerals discovery and extraction and are prospective for nickel, copper, cobalt and precious metals.

The projects were explored sporadically during the Yugoslav regime in the mid-20th century, but have never been subjected to systematic modern exploration.

The company’s board and management team have a track record of recent success and key relationships in the Balkans, backed up with extensive technical, corporate and legal experience.

Bosnia and Herzegovina shares a land border with, and is an accession state to, the European Union. It boasts a rich mining history, a pro-mining environment, a highly skilled workforce together with extensive existing infrastructure.

Lykos has formulated a two year technical work program to include a systematic ground work program, geophysical surveys and drilling.

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