8 January 2022

Holiday Initiative by Lykos Balkan Metals: Čajniče

Joint Humanitarian Initative by Lykos Balkan Metals, Čajniče Social Welfare Center, and Local Entrepreneurs

During the holiday season when love and happiness bring us together, we have decided to dedicate part of our attention to those in need and show them that they are not alone in these difficult times. Christmas and New Year holidays provide an opportunity for us to demonstrate how much we value and respect all people, especially in areas where our projects are. Our holiday visit to Čajniče was a great opprotunity to distribute aid packages to those who need them the most.


   The Public Institution Center for Social Work Čajniče.

Representatives from Lykos Balkan Metals, along with the director of Čajniče Social Welfare Center, Mr. Mirko Živković,and other staff members, organized the distribution of packages containing essential food items. During the initial visit, 50 packages were handed out, with the remaining 100 packages to be distributed in the upcoming period as planned.

The Mayor of Čajniče, Mr. Goran Karadžić, expressed his support for the initiative by Lykos Balkan Metals and emphasized the municipality’s high regard for the social contributions of investors. 

The procurement of basic food packages was carried out in the local company VAM in Čajniče. The company expresses gratitude for the cooperation, highly favorable prices for purchasing groceries, and the high level of awareness of local entrepreneurs in Čajniče regarding helping fellow citizens.

Direktor JU Centar za socijalni rad Čajniče – gospodin Mirko Živković i pomoćnik direktora za tehnička pitanja kompanije Lykos – gospodin Mladen Lujić

Making a positive impact on the local community where we operate is a significant part of our company’s policy. Our employees and collaborators reside in the municipalities where we work, living among the local population and sharing both pleasant and challenging moments in everyday life. It is our duty to treat the municipalities where we operate as our second homes and, to the best of our abilities, contribute to solving basic life problems. We will always be willing to participate in projects that improve the quality of life in Čajniče, and we are more than grateful that the local administration and institutions are open to collaboration, as highlighted by the company representatives.

May love and happiness guide you during these days, and may the awareness that together we can always do more become a daily thought, directing us on the path we will follow in the new year. Lykos Balkan Metals sincerely wishes you a joyful and pleasant holiday season.

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