12 December 2021

The management of Lykos supported KK Radnik from Bijeljina.

The idea of sport as a means of personal and general development, as a form of culture that promotes cooperation, solidarity, mutual respect, and common human values, is an idea we support.

The Lykos management team is always here to support this idea from the stands! We had a great time at last night’s basketball game between KK Radnik from Bijeljina and KK Spars from Sarajevo. Although our team unfortunately lost, the quality of the game, camaraderie, and atmosphere were at an admirable level!

Participating in community development, especially when it concerns young people, should be a priority for every company. The driving energy of our collective lies in the combination of experience and youth, which is why we will always strive to support the ideas of young people in Bosnia and Herzegovina and work together on developing those that will bring progress – and the best place to start has always been sports.

In addition to the communities within which our projects are based, we are here to support the youth in Bijeljina – the base of our company – as well as young people in other parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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