18 January 2022

Social Initiatives: Petrovo

Lykos Balkan Metals’ Humanitarian Initiative in Petrovo and Sponsorship of Judo Club

The management of Lykos Balkan Metals spent the New Year holidays in the field, but in a different way than usual – this time they engaged in social issues in line with the festive atmosphere. Read on for a report on their visit to Petrovo.

The policy of Lykos Balkan Metals has always been based on ensuring that the investment we bring to the municipality where we operate is visible to all residents. In addition to employing local residents and collaborating with local businesses and entrepreneurs, an important goal for us is to support the development of education, sports, and culture, as well as participate in solving social problems in our local community.

During the field visit to Petrovo, members of the management gathered information about socially vulnerable individuals in the municipality.
In addition to the individuals we encountered ourselves, we received a list of those in need of assistance from the Social Welfare Center of Petrovo.
Based on the number of people in need, we prepared packages of essential groceries (food items, hygiene products, and sweets for children). 35 packages were distributed on December 29th.

All groceries were purchased from a local business whose company originated and exists within the territory of Petrovo municipality, as our company’s policy is to invest money in the municipality where the project is active in every aspect of our activities. The groceries were purchased from a local independent store called Šoca, whose owner recognized our goodwill and supported the initiative by selling us the items at favorable prices.

Furthermore, our company’s policy is to actively participate in supporting the development and improvement of education, culture, and sports. Therefore, our first initiative was directed towards sports. Lykos Balkan Metals signed a sponsorship agreement with the Judo Club Ozren in Petrovo. Our initial sponsorship, in the form of financing sports equipment worth around 1600 KM, has already been completed, and we hope that the collaboration will continue to mutual satisfaction. We would like to thank Mr. Uroš, the president of the judo club, for the excellent cooperation. We hope that the judo athletes will enjoy their favorite sport and bring home new medals wearing equipment with our logo, making their club, their Petrovo, and us as sponsors extremely proud. We eagerly await the next competition where we will undoubtedly cheer them on from the stands.

We hope that in the future, we will have the opportunity to actively participate and assist in solving social problems in the municipality of Petrovo, just as we do in the context of our other projects.


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