9 February 2022

Visit: Municipality Day in Mrkonjić Grad

Representatives of Lykos Balkan Metals company attended the celebration of Municipality Day in Mrkonjić Grad last week.
The residents of Mrkonjić Grad celebrate February 4th as the day of their return to their homes after five months of displacement. The awareness of the importance of this date for all the inhabitants of Mrkonjić Grad has made us feel even more honored to be invited to enhance this festive day with our presence.

Mayor Dragan Vođević and his associates, along with the youngest residents of Mrkonjić Grad, actors, and singers, made an effort to showcase the long and impressive history of their municipality, the natural beauty surrounding Mrkonjić Grad, and their plans for the future through a cultural and artistic program.
During this event, the Municipality of Mrkonjić Grad presented charters with the golden symbol of the municipality to individuals and associations that contribute to the development of the municipality through scientific, humanitarian, and other exceptional achievements. 

The Mayor of Mrkonjić Grad - Mr. Dragan Vođević.
Cultural and artistic program at the ceremonial academy

A memorial service was held at the Chapel of St. Apostle Mark to commemorate those who lost their lives in the defense of the homeland, after which many delegations participated in the laying of wreaths at the memorial site of a mass grave in the Orthodox cemetery, as well as at the central memorial site in the Serbian Army Square.

The final evening of the 16th City Tournament in Mrkonjić Grad took place at the Arena “Nova banka” sports hall, during which a ceremonial award ceremony was held to honor the best athletes and sports workers of 2021.

The excellent atmosphere in the stands and the competitive spirit on the field demonstrated that this tournament is a great and successful story that grows and becomes more recognizable year after year, both in the region and beyond.
We enjoyed it as spectators, but also as sponsors, with the desire to participate in the next tournament as a competitive team under the name Lykos Balkan Metals.

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