4 January 2022

Intervju: Mladen Lujić, pomoćnik direktora za tehnička pitanja

Today, we had a conversation with Mr. Mladen Lujić, the Assistant Director for Technical Affairs at Lykos Balkan Metals. Mladen was born in Tuzla on March 2, 1992. He completed his secondary electrical engineering school and graduated as a mining engineer from the Mining-Geological-Civil Engineering Faculty at the University of Tuzla. In 2021, he defended his master’s thesis in the field of mining, specializing in Underground Exploitation, as part of the second cycle of studies at the Mining-Geological-Civil Engineering Faculty in Tuzla. Considering his age and expertise, Mladen has gained considerable experience in his previous work. As a mining engineer trainee, he worked at D.O.O. “Rudar” Tuzla, in the “Magnezit” mine in Kladanj, and the “Miljevina” lignite mine in Foča. After professional development, including passing the Professional Exam for Technical Management in Mining at the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining, and Industry, he became the deputy technical manager at the “Miljevina” lignite mine, and later the technical manager of underground exploitation at “Boksit” in Milići.


– First of all, thank you for taking the time to talk about your profession and answer our questions.
– Thank you, it’s my pleasure.
– Could you tell us more about the duties of a mining engineer?
– My profession is highly fascinating. I grew up near mines and have always been interested in this field. A mining engineer can be involved in various tasks as mining itself is a broad field. Specifically, I have worked as a technical manager in mines, and I can tell you that the job is demanding yet challenging, dynamic, and exciting.
– Why did you decide to apply for a job at Lykos Balkan Metals?

– Something different! Lykos Balkan Metals is a company that provides opportunities rarely encountered in our region, especially when it comes to working according to international standards. This is a new business area for me, and the company offers me the chance to gain new experiences, enhance my professional skills, and progress. I can say that this is a company that values knowledge, effort, and hard work, which is crucial to me. The team is comprised of our young, educated, and ambitious individuals who strive to advance in their careers and contribute to the company’s progress. It is an exceptional honor for me to work with Mr. Mladen Stevanović, our technical director and senior geologist. I believe that such a collective, guided by individuals with decades of experience in this field, can achieve remarkable things.
– Could you tell us specifically what your role as Assistant Director for Technical Affairs entails?
– Currently, I am primarily involved in coordinating between the company headquarters and fieldwork, ensuring the fulfillment of technical requirements for obtaining work permits and thus improving the quality of work. Additionally, I handle the regulation of property and legal relations, including the negotiation of agreements for the use of private land properties.
– What is the relationship like between your company and the owners of the private properties where exploration is to take place?
– When a decision is made to explore a specific location, we consult with a surveyor and contact the property owner. We enter into an agreement with the owner, specifying our respective duties and obligations. It is essentially a contract for temporary land use for a specified period. Therefore, the land is not purchased; instead, the company pays compensation for using the private property.
– We do not enter private property until the aforementioned agreement is reached, and the agreed-upon compensation is paid in advance to the owner’s designated bank account
– Will there be any land purchases?
– No, there is no need to purchase land during basic geological exploration.
– What happens if a property owner refuses to allow exploration on their land?
– If a property owner refuses cooperation, we look for alternative locations nearby. No one is obligated to permit exploration.
– What happens after the drilling is completed?
– After the completion of exploratory drilling, the location is restored to its original state. We are responsible for removing all materials, including platforms and access roads. In some cases, property owners may request to keep access roads, and we respect their preferences, depending on the agreement reached.
– Have you made such agreements in Petrovo?
– Yes, three such agreements have been made for five future exploratory drilling sites within the municipality of Petrovo.
– Mr. Mladen, thank you for taking the time to share this information with us. It has been a pleasure, and we wish you the best of luck in your future work.
– Thank you. The pleasure was mutual. We are always available for any further information. Thank you once again.

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