13 May 2024

A solemn ceremony marking the Mining Faculty Day in Prijedor

May 10th, the Mining Faculty Day in Prijedor, marked the celebration of its 15th anniversary, serving as an opportunity to recognize the key individuals of this collective whose commitment and dedication year after year contribute to the growing significance of this educational institution, as well as to appreciate the contributions various organizations have made to its development. Lykos Balkan Metals, by fostering partnerships with the management and students of the Faculty, aimed to demonstrate its readiness and contribute to the education of professionals in the field of geology and mining.

By signing a Memorandum of Understanding in July 2022, the collaboration was formalized, with an agreement to jointly work towards improving teaching quality and building future capacities in terms of professional development to meet the demands of the labor market. According to the dean, Prof. Svjetlana Sredić, the Mining Faculty has successfully educated over 150 mining engineering graduates, who not only represent a significant achievement but also serve as promoters of the Faculty, as many of them are recognized experts in the field. For the past two years, the Faculty has expanded with two additional study programs – geology and environmental protection, whose first graduates also joined in celebrating this anniversary.

Mladen Lujić, the Director of Lykos Balkan Metals, emphasized that the global demand for raw materials is increasing year by year, along with the challenges of sustainable development, environmental protection, and efficient resource management. He also highlighted that by introducing these two study programs and intensifying collaboration with the real sector, the Faculty significantly contributes to ensuring a prosperous future for this industry in our country, which can be considered a pillar of economic stability, as it is the only branch successfully resisting global economic turbulence.

“It is important, therefore, to join forces and create support programs such as scholarships and internships to ensure that the quality of professionals meets the demands of the labor market,” said Lujić.

On this occasion, the Mining Faculty Student Union also presented a certificate of appreciation to the Company for sponsoring students at the „Georudarijada“ students gathering, held this year in Trogir, Croatia.

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