9 February 2024

Lykos at Balkan Solar Summit

The two-day “Balkan Solar Summit” conference dedicated to the perspectives of the energy sector, promotion of green energy and environmental protection started yesterday in Banski Dvor, Banja Luka.


We are pleased that by participating in this event, our company “Lykos Balkan Metals” has joined the key players of the industry and leaders of the business world, where we can exchange visions, experiences, and business opportunities.


Since Lykos Balkan Metals strives towards applying ESG standards in its operations – environmental protection, social responsibility and conscientious corporate management, our goal is for the company to be part of such events, as we move towards sustainable tomorrow.


We believe that ESG is not just a tick on the list of things to be done, but that we should achieve sustainable results for the benefit of the environment and society. Therefore, the “Balkan Solar Summit” is an opportunity for our company to participate in fruitful discussions and lectures with experts in the field of renewable energy sources, as well as decision makers and innovators.


The theme of the conference includes the role of solar energy in achieving carbon neutrality, the financing of solar wind energy projects, as well as the development and implementation of energy storage systems in batteries. It is a platform for shaping the future of energy which gathered more than 50 speakers and 500 participants from all over the world.

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