21 December 2023

Solemn ceremony for marking the Day of the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Tuzla

The director of our company, Mr. Mladen Lujić, attended today the ceremonial session of the scientific and teaching council on the Day of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Civil Engineering of the University of Tuzla, marking the 50th anniversary of the geological department and Miners’ Day.

This ceremony brought together, in addition to the management of the faculty, eminent experts from the field of mining and geology, representatives of the cantonal government, and representatives of companies that perform mining and geological activities.

Today, in addition to the formal session, the traditional “Leap over the skin” ceremony was held.

The ceremonial act of admission, known as ‘leap over the skin’, traditionally marked admission to the miners profession, and over time it spread to technical and mining schools and became part of the admission ceremony to the Faculty of Mining. This tradition symbolizes a mining tool, used by miners to descend underground and protect themselves from sharp rocks. Before leather became common, miners jumped over the ‘window’ when taking the professional mining exam. The custom of ‘leaping over the skin’ in the Tuzla region began in 1914, when it was performed by Austro-Hungarian workers in the municipality of Kreka. Later, students of those workers took over this tradition from 1962, and preserved it until today.

A series of ceremonies organized today in Tuzla are a reminder of the importance of respecting the mining profession, without which the modern life we live today would not be possible. The dedication and perseverance of these brave people ensures the stability and progress of modern society, creating the foundations for economic development and innovation.

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