10 June 2024

Mining as an Opportunity for Economic Development and Environmental Challenges

The Faculty of Mining hosted a round table titled “Mining as an Opportunity for Economic Development and/or Ecology” in Prijedor on June 7th. The event gathered eminent experts in the fields of mining and geology, including the dean, Prof. Dr. Svjetlana Sredić, Prof. Dr. Vladimir Malbašić, academician Nedeljko Đurić, Dr. Dimša Milošević, and other notable figures such as the dean of the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Tuzla, Mr. Kemal Gutić. Their contributions were crucial for the successful organization of this event. 

Our company’s representatives, Mirjana Tanasić and Ljubiša Ristić, attended the excellent panel discussion organized within the round table. Once again, we had the opportunity to witness how closely mining, geology, and ecology are interconnected, clearly showing the direction in which this industry should move. 

All the panelists presented their work, followed by a panel discussion that answered many questions and opened the way for some new ideas. They discussed current mining projects in the Republic of Srpska and the impact of mining on the environment. They also discussed strategies for mining development with effective environmental protection. 

The Faculty of mining presented their Proceedings Book, in which all the panelists presented their work. It was a great honor for us to attend this event. Our partnership with the Faculty of Mining is excellent, and we always gladly respond to their invitations. 

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