5 July 2024

Specialist Education on the Application of the New Fiscalization Law in Banja Luka

On June 28th, a specialized training on the topic “Application of the New Fiscalization Law” was held at the premises of the University of Business Studies in Banja Luka. Our company places great importance on the education and professional development of all employees, so our representatives, Sretenka Trifković from the legal sector and Ljubiša Ristić from the finance sector, participated in the training where discussions were held on topics related to the application of the new law. The lecturer was Mrs. Slavica Kovačević, a graduate economist with 26 years of work experience at the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska, currently serving as the Head of the Control Department at the Doboj Regional Center. She is a member of the Commission for the Approval of Electronic Fiscal Device Elements.

All participants received a certificate of participation in the specialized training.

You can find more information at the following link:
Održan seminar o primjeni novog Zakona o fiskalizaciji – Centar za dijasporu

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