17 May 2023

ESG in HR practice

After the first ESG presentation, in which we discussed the development and importance of ESG standards, we held a second one which focused on how ESG standards are implemented in HR practice. 

Dejana Filipović, our HR coordinator, spoke about the significance of applying ESG standards in the field of human resources, noting that companies that successfully apply ESG standards, experience a higher percentage of satisfied employees, leading to reduced costs and improved overall business performance. 

We also discussed the applicability of  ESG standards in HR, the specific components of HR practices considered in ESG reports, as well as provided good corporate examples and adressed possible implementation challenges. Furthermore, this presentation also showcased how our company incorporates ESG principles into its business operations and the human resources sector. 

Moving forward, we will continue to focus on ESG concepts, with our next presentation delving into the Governance component in more detail. 

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