10 May 2023

Cycle of Internal ESG presentations

Our company, since it is listed on the Australian stock exchange, is obliged to follow strict standards and business principles. One of the principles that are necessary for responsible and sustainable business is ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). Accordingly, last week we started the cycle of internal ESG presentations, in line with our business policy. 

The introductory presentation covered the basic features of ESG, how this set of standards started to implement in business, how this way of thinking and doing business developed over the years, and how it moved from self-regulation and voluntary activities to the area of law. 

After the introductory, general lecture on ESG, other presentations will follow in the coming period, in which more will be said about the individual components of this set of standards. 

We take our responsibilities towards our stakeholders and the wider community seriously, and we believe that implementing ESG practices is crucial in fulfilling this obligation.  

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