22 December 2022

Financial Director Ivana Kisin: Lykos Balkan Metals Recognizes the Potential of Its Employees and their Purpose

Ivana Kisin (34) is a economist by profession, and has been working in management positions at Lykos Balkan Metals for a little over a year. The unusual path from HR manager to financial director enabled her to acquire broad knowledge about human relations, business with finances and numerous other areas. She previously built various business experiences in an Austrian company, as well as a non-governmental organization that dealt with discrimination issues. In our interview, she talked about what the job of a finance director looks like.

What was your path to the position of financial director?

In this company, I was primarily in the position of assistant director for general, legal and personnel affairs, after which I soon got my own sector as HR manager. A few months later, they saw my dedication and good handling of the financial aspect, and suggested moving to this position. I accepted and I think it was a great decision for me. That is one of the great aspects of Lykos, their recognition of employees’ strengths and their ability to reassign them accordingly.

How much responsibility is being the CFO of a company like Lykos?

The responsibility is great because when you are in this position your name appears on some of the most important documents of the company. You are also in constant contact with institutions, both domestic and foreign. It is necessary to be very careful, well-informed at all times and to pay attention so as not to make a mistake.

When we think about your profession, we perceive it as related to the office. How often do you visit the teams on the field?

Contrary to the usual expectations from someone who deals with this aspect of business, it is an interesting fact that in our company, employees from all areas come to the field whenever the opportunity arises. So do I, I like to visit the field when I can, get to know the local population and see how what we encounter in the documentation looks like in practice. So far, I have been in the field several times, at the locations of all three projects.

What do you like about this company?

What I like most is the fact that here the efforts and ideas of each individual are recognized and respected, as well as the team that is friendly. The company as such is very promising.

What qualities and qualifications should someone possess for this position?

That a person should be very detailed, dedicated, well organized, with excellent knowledge of the profession. In addition, of course, a certain level of leadership skills is also important, to manage the team in order to complete the tasks flawlessly.

How much do you use your communication skills as someone who works in finance?

Probably more than one would expect. I believe that every job requires certain communication skills, and from my position, primarily, there is communication with the Board, then with colleagues from the sector, then with the external collaborators and institutions, which means that you are daily “in touch” with various people whose communication style you adapt to.

What are the prejudices about office work that are not true in your experience?

One of the prejudices that comes to mind is that this job is boring and monotonous. Of course, it all depends on the personality of the employee, but according to my experience and opinion, the job of a financial director can be very interesting, especially since it is challenging and you learn something new and useful every day.

During your career, have you encountered prejudices or aggravating circumstances because you are a woman? What is your advice on how to overcome these obstacles?

Of course I have, yes, but I believe that the best way to deal with such situations is through your work and effort. It is important to tick to your position, show that you are a strong personality and express your opinion openly, without fear, and that way sooner or later your commitment will be recognized, regardless of whether you are a woman or a man. In situations where discrimination is at a level where you cannot deal with it, it is best to contact the human resources management service, because absolutely no one should suffer any kind of disparagement. I would emphasize that I am extremely sensitive to such things, having learned from working in non-governmental organization and I do not tolerate discrimination.

In the conversation with Ivana Kisin, we learned interesting information about the job of financial director, but also about important of our company.
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