7 August 2023

Gathering of Talent and Passion at the “Podrinje Cup 2023”

Football, as a sport that brings together masses and generates collective emotions, is often utilized as a platform for connecting and supporting the youth. Our company has recognized the importance of this mission and decided to endorse a football tournament “Podrinje Cup 2023,” organized in Janja, which gathers young football players from various parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The “Podrinje Cup 2023” tournament, organized by the FC “Podrinje” Janja, has brought freshness and excitement to the football community. This tournament wasn’t just a competition, but also an opportunity for young players to showcase their talents in full glory. Apart from local teams from the vicinity of Bijeljina and Janja, renowned clubs like Sarajevo and Željezničar competed as well. 

Supporting this football tournament goes beyond financial assistance; it serves as an indicator that we are ready to invest in the future of the youth, backing them on their journey towards achieving their goals. 

Communities thrive through support and collaboration, and socially responsible companies become bridges that connect business interests with social engagement. Through the “Podrinje Cup 2023” and support for clubs like FC “Podrinje” Janja, we are participating in creating better opportunities for football talents. This is just a step in the direction of forging a brighter future for all young athletes. 

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