28 September 2022

Lykos Balkan Metals participates in the 5th Women Entrepreneurship Conference in Republika Srpska

Women in entrepreneurship have become an increasingly popular topic at numerous conferences, seminars, scientific gatherings, programs, governments, and politicians worldwide. The number of female entrepreneurs varies from country to country and region to region. Encouragingly, female entrepreneurship has seen significant growth globally over the past decade.

In line with the business opportunities present in Republika Srpska, the Chamber of Commerce of Republika Srpska organized the 5th Women Entrepreneurship Conference on September 23rd at the “Monogram” Distillery in Modriča.

The goal of the conference was to promote women’s entrepreneurship, encourage existing and future female entrepreneurs to embark on new entrepreneurial ventures, and enhance entrepreneurial skills. Through the exchange of experiences, female entrepreneurs from the country and the region had the opportunity to engage in discussions and share valuable advice and ideas that have been implemented in their respective countries.

As part of the company’s corporate social responsibility, representatives from Lykos Balkan Metals participated in the Women Entrepreneurship Conference for the second time. They attentively followed the presentations by Suzana Atlagić on the topic of “Innovation Development and Participation in the HORIZON Program” and Dragana Dragojlović on “Good Practice Examples from the Economy.”

By participating in this project, they had the opportunity to meet many successful women entrepreneurs, exchange personal experiences about entrepreneurship, and open possibilities for future collaboration throughout Republika Srpska.

Countries that recognize the benefits of developing women’s entrepreneurship, as well as the potentials and opportunities it offers for comprehensive social and economic development, successfully implement all the mentioned activities.

Republika Srpska is positioned on the business map, providing opportunities for the development of women’s entrepreneurship. As a company headquartered in Bijeljina and committed to high ESG standards, Lykos Balkan Metals proudly accepted the invitation to participate in this conference.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the organizers, as well as all the participants, for their hospitality, gifts, shared knowledge, and this significant experience,” stated Ivana Kisin, Finance Director, and Danka Sukara, HR Manager.


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