1 November 2022

Media visit to the sites of Lykos’ exploration in Sinjakovo

In the second half of October, the Sinjakovo mountain, known since ancient times for its wealth of ores, was visited by the most influential domestic media. It was an opportunity to talk about the topic of geological exploration, but also all other current topics related to our work on the territory of the municipalities of Mrkonjić Grad, Jezero and Šipovo.
Journalists visited one of the locations where exploration is currently being carried out, as well as one where the drilling process has been completed. They were interested in the field work process, the methods we use, laboratory analyses, as well as numerous other information about the sampling process and the permits we work under. Chief geologist Mladen Stevanović and technical director Mladen Lujić were at their disposal.
We also discussed the openness of our company towards all institutions and the local community, as well as past and planned investments in this area and the environmental protection.
We would like to thank the media for their visit and professional reporting.
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