21 June 2023

Representatives of Lykos at the “Controlling in the New Age” Gathering

Organized by the ICV Controlling Workgroup of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Education and Services Center “Krugovi,” the second gathering of controllers on the topic ofControlling in the New Age” took place in Bijeljina, where representatives of our company also participated. The meeting was held on Friday, June 9th, 2023, at the Stanišić Ethno Village in Bijeljina, and was solemnly opened by Mr. Marinko Đukić, the Director of the Development Agency of Republic of Srpska.

More than sixty professionals from the management field, including our company’s Financial Director, Ivana Kisin, and Project Administrator, Snježana Stjepanović, had the opportunity to attend two panel discussions as part of this event. The first panel was organized on the topic ofControlling as Management Support,” while the second focused on “Business Digitalization and AI in the Context of Controlling.”

Branko Marković, an expert in digital transformation, smart cities, and artificial intelligence, emphasized that artificial intelligence is already deeply rooted in our daily lives, often in ways we are not aware of. Its impact extends beyond the superficial impression of chatbots and encompasses key areas such as transportation management and energy. This technology brings numerous advantages in efficiency and sustainability, and its further development has the potential to transform the way we live and work.

The objective of controlling, as well as gatherings like this one, is to provide essential training to the top-level management of companies. This empowers them to detect business issues promptly and enhance their operations. Lykos Balkan Metals is committed to investing in education and knowledge dissemination among its employees, with the ultimate aim of improving our business and fortifying our resilience in the face of risks. 

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