11 June 2023

Representatives of Lykos Balkan Metals attended the 4th Regional Conference on Sustainability and Resilience

Representatives of our company participated in the conference “Risks of the New Era: Sustainability and Resilience,” held on June 1st at the Hyatt Hotel in Belgrade. The conference highlighted several key topics related to ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) standards. The discussions focused on the fate of companies that do not adhere to ESG sustainability principles. The increase in cybercrime during crisis times and why companies are often targeted was a part of the discussion. Special emphasis was placed on continuous cyber resilience with the help of artificial intelligence. 

The third theme of the conference was sustainability of business in an unsustainable environment. The discussions revolved around the greatest risks to business in the current global conditions, options for insuring those risks, and sources of financing for companies looking to transition to sustainable business practices. 

Furthermore, an “Open Talk” session was held on preserving the mental health of employees in the context of the race for profit and survival in the global environment. The discussion focused on how these challenges impact the mental health of employees and how management can maintain productivity by providing adequate support. 

Lykos Balkan Metals is a socially responsible company striving to operate according to ESG standards. This conference provided a platform for considering key topics related to ESG standards, cybersecurity, sustainable business practices, and the preservation of employees’ mental health, emphasizing the importance of implementing these principles in the modern business world. 

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