10 October 2023

Scholarships for students in the field of geology and mining: A key step towards sustainable development

Geology and mining are sciences that play a crucial role in the sustainable development of societies worldwide. These fields involve the study of the Earth’s internal structure, mineral resources, geological processes, and their impact on the environment. Given the significance of these disciplines for the development and protection of natural resources, sponsoring students in these fields is of great importance, which is why our company has decided to focus on it. 

“First and foremost, sponsoring students in geology and mining enables the development of domestic talent with specific knowledge and skills necessary for efficient management of natural resources. Such talent is crucial for preserving and sustainably exploiting mineral wealth, reducing dependence on imports, and ensuring the country’s energy and economic security. 

Furthermore, educating and sponsoring domestic students in these fields contributes to reducing unemployment and stimulating economic activity. Geologists and miners are essential for resource exploration and exploitation, infrastructure development, environmental protection, and managing natural disaster risks. Generating jobs in these sectors has a direct impact on local communities and promotes economic growth,” emphasized Mladen Lujić, the executive director of our company. 

Lujić also pointed out: “In pursuit of these goals, our company, upon entering the market, established contact with the University of Banja Luka, specifically the Faculty of Mining in Prijedor, and included two students in its scholarship program, who have now entered their final year.” 

Symbolically, our company decided to sponsor one geology student and one mining student. One of the two mentioned students is Mirjana Komosar, now an undergraduate student in the mining program. 

Mirjana found inspiration for her mining studies in her father, who spent his entire career in this industry. She took her first step towards her career orientation in high school by choosing the path of a mining technician. Her true passion for mining, as she emphasizes, was discovered during her studies, further strengthening her belief that she made the right decision regarding her future profession. 

When the opportunity to apply for our company’s scholarship program arose, Mirjana immediately applied. Her outstanding average grade of 8.9 was a key factor that gave her an advantage over other students. The scholarship, as she highlights, significantly eased her path towards the final year and provided her with additional financial support to fulfill and meet her needs beyond the world of studying. 

“As a woman in mining, I face many prejudices, but my goal is to overcome each one of them. I believe that mining is the foundation and future of all technologies and the key to success for both the technical sector and a country’s development. I hope that other students who have the opportunity to become scholarship recipients of this company will feel the same gratitude as I do. Every opportunity for advancement and support, including financial support, is a boost for every student, including myself,” Mirjana stated. 

Scholarship programs in the fields of geology and mining also have significant environmental implications. Trained geologists and miners can contribute to a better understanding of natural processes and the reduction of negative impacts of resource exploitation on the environment. Sustainable resource management becomes possible when we have experts who are aware of the need for nature conservation. 

Of course, investing in the education of students in geology and mining is not only an investment in individuals but also in the future of society as a whole. Through their work, these experts can contribute to the development of technologies and environmentally friendly methods of mineral exploitation. Additionally, their expertise is crucial for discovering new sources of energy and resources that will be essential for future generations. Our company firmly believes that by educating domestic talent in these fields, we are building the foundation for a sustainable future. 

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