Lykos at the Sustainability Festival

Last week, Mostar hosted the Power of Sustainability Festival, organized by the Foreign Investors Council. Employees of our company, which is also a member of the Council, gladly responded to the invitation to participate and attended this event. 

The festival, which brought together experts from various fields of sustainability, held during the past week, brought focus on topics such as circular economy, ESG standards and electro-mobility. 

One of the prominent panels at this festival was dedicated to the application of the circular economy and ESG standards, where experts from various industries discussed the importance of waste management, its energy utilization and the renewal of natural resources. Among the top speakers on this panel were Igor Planinic, PhD, assistant professor at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Computer Science and Electrical Engineering at the University of Mostar, NJ. V. Nikola Petrović Njegoš, Crown Prince of Montenegro and architect from Montenegro and France, and other experts from the region. 

The second day of the event was concluded in the Hutovo Blato Nature Park, where Nasiha Pozder, the Federal Minister of Tourism and the Environment, spoke to the participants on the topic of sustainable tourism. 

Events like this represent a great opportunity not only for the exchange of information on the mentioned topics, but also for the networking of key actors who can jointly contribute to an easier green transition. In accordance with its mission, our company is happy to respond to events like this and strives to contribute to the spread of the idea of sustainability and the implementation of ESG standards through its business. 

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