22 July 2023

Socially Responsible Collaboration: Lykos Balkan Metals and Karate Club UNSU United in Successes

Yesterday, our company hosted cadets Marija Gavrilović and Milica Mia Vujić, along with coach Goran Ivković from KK UNSU Bijeljina, to share their experiences from previous competitions where this club achieved significant results. Their visit marked a new phase in the strong relationship between Lykos and this sports community. 
KK UNSU has stood out in the past period with numerous medals and victories in various competitions, both in individual performances of its members and in team competitions. In the recently held World Karate League competition in Poreč, Milica Mia won a bronze medal among 96 girls (U14) from all around the world. This competition gathered more than 3300 participants from 71 countries worldwide. 
At Lykos Balkan Metals d.o.o. Bijeljina, we nurture relationships and celebrate the successes of the clubs we sponsor as our own. Through sponsorship activities, we demonstrate our commitment to empowering the local communities where we operate. We are particularly focused on supporting young athletes, and our support for the UNSU club and the sponsorship of Marija Gavrilović are just some examples of our engagement in the sports community. By supporting Marija, we aim to give her the encouragement to continue winning medals and achieve top sports goals. 
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