21 August 2023

Sustainability, Partnership, and Geological Explorations in Čajniče

Lykos Balkan Metals conducted a visit to the municipality of Čajniče last week, where we met with the leaders of public enterprises and the local community. During this meeting, the company emphasized its commitment to sustainable practices and the exploration of precious metals in accordance with ESG standards. Accompanied by Mr. Srđan Vuković, the director of the Public Utility Company Vrelo-Čajniče, representatives of Lykos Balkan Metals visited key sites where the company conducts detailed geological explorations. Thanks to the license of its subsidiary, Braha Resources, the company obtained approval to conduct detailed geological explorations in the municipality of Čajniče, which is the result of excellent collaboration with local authorities, and citizens.  

During the meeting with the municipality’s mayor, Goran Karadžić, plans for comprehensive geological explorations in the coming weeks were highlighted. The company’s geologists will dedicate themselves to the exploration of lead, zinc, copper, and associated metals in the areas surrounding Čajniče. This initiative represents a continuation of the company’s long-standing engagement in the region, and cooperation with local stakeholders ensures mutually beneficial outcomes.  

“The municipality of Čajniče has always been open for constructive cooperation with Braha Resources company, which has so far invested over 17,000 convertible marks in various social projects. This is also an indicator of how foreign investments can contribute to the development of local communities by engaging local resources. All this certainly would not have been possible without the willingness of both the citizens and the representatives of local authorities. We are immensely grateful to the mayor of the Municipality, Mr. Karadžić, for his openness and cooperation,” stated the executive director, Mladen Lujić.  

The company highlights its dedication to ESG standards in all aspects of its operations. With a focus on ecological responsibility, social inclusion, and transparent management, Lykos Balkan Metals continuously works to improve its operations to achieve sustainable results and positive impacts on the local environment. The long-standing collaboration between Lykos Balkan Metals (Braha Resources) and the municipality of Čajniče represents an outstanding example of how corporations can contribute to the development of local communities while respecting environmental and social values. 

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