2 August 2022

Tuzlak Assembly held in Požarnica

With the aim of nurturing love for their homeland and making the renovated church a gathering place for the Serbs of Tuzla, this year’s Ilindan Assembly was organized in Požarnica near Tuzla. It is a significant day for all those who lived in those areas before the war, as Ilindan Assembly was considered one of the most important events for the Serbs of the Tuzla region.

His Grace Bishop of Zvornik and Tuzla, Fotije, called on every person today to be diligent in virtue within the scope of their work and to strive for the good of the Serbian people and all individuals living in the Republic of Srpska, just as the Holy Prophet Elijah was zealous in faith.

“With many tasks ahead, such as the restoration of churches, the construction of roads, and the need for fast communication, in order to accomplish all this, we need peace, diligence in virtue and goodness, and to follow the path that is good and blessed,” said the bishop in his address at the “Ilindan Assembly of Tuzlaks in Požarnica,” at the renovated Church of the Ascension of the Lord.
Bishop Fotije referred to Požarnica as a place of suffering and martyrdom and emphasized the significance of the renovated church around which the Serbian people gather in their homeland to preserve their faith, tradition, and existence in these areas.
The godfather of this year’s celebration is proudly Mr. Miloš Bošnjaković, the CEO of Lykos Balkan Metals.

The organizer of the assembly is the Native Association of Tuzlaks in Bijeljina, and the Vice President of the Association, Slaviša Vujanović, stated that its significance lies in the fact that at least once a year, the homeland and the renovated church become a gathering place for all Tuzlaks who were forced to leave their homes during the war 30 years ago.

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