The III Congress of Geologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Neum

The III Congress of Geologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina was held in Neum from September 21st  to 23rd which represents a significant moment for the geological community in our country. This prestigious event was organized by the Association of Geologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and under the auspices of our company, it gathered about 150 geologists not only from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the countries of the region, but also from Austria, Hungary and other European countries, creating fertile ground for the exchange of scientific knowledge and professional experiences. As a company dedicated to creating a platform for education, specialization, and exchange of experiences of experts in the field of geology, we strive to support events of this type, which encourage networking and the creation of experts in the field.

The Congress provided the necessary platform for the presentation of the latest scientific information from various segments of geology, with as many as 100 scientific and professional papers being presented during the three-day program. It was impressive that as many as 30 papers came from abroad, which confirmed the international importance of this congress and its ability to attract top experts in the field of geology.

This event brought with it new perspectives and inspiration for the future development of geology in the region. In addition to highlighting significant achievements in domestic geology, the congress also provided an opportunity for constant networking and exchange of experiences between domestic and foreign experts. This cooperation further advanced geological science and contributed to the development of projects of international importance.

Lykos Balkan Metals supported this event with pride and great interest, recognizing the importance of the geological community and its contribution to scientific progress and sustainable development. The III Congress of Geologists of Bosnia and Herzegovina undoubtedly left a deep impression on all present and contributed to geological progress in the entire region.

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