29 June 2023

Application of ESG Standards in the IT Industry

Following the dynamics of internal presentations on ESG standards, the topic of their application in the IT industry was presented by our colleagues from Lykos IT Department. Vladimir Dmitruk illustrated the application of ESG standards in modern business using the example of one of the world’s largest IT companies.

In the context of the IT industry, the application of ESG standards has the potential for positive impacts on the environment, employees, communities, and company stakeholders. 

When it comes to the environment, the IT industry can take significant steps towards sustainability. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, using renewable energy sources, optimizing energy consumption in data centers, and recycling electronic waste are just some of the ways in which large IT companies actively work to reduce their negative impact on the environment. Implementing ESG standards helps companies adopt sustainable practices, increase energy efficiency, and raise awareness about the importance of environmental protection. 

In terms of the social dimension, they promote diversity and inclusion and support achieving balance between work and personal life. Good human resource management, transparent pay practices, gender equality in company leadership, and investing in employee professional development are just some of the aspects of social responsibility that large IT companies implement. Through the application of ESG standards, major companies in the IT industry create a positive work environment that attracts talent and fosters innovation. 

ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards has become inevitable in the modern business world. Our Company recognizes the importance of sustainability and social responsibility and strives to apply these standards in all aspects of its business.

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