8 July 2023

Lykos Balkan Metals – Investing in Communities and Supporting Development

Lykos Balkan Metals is a company that stands out for its strong commitment as a socially responsible organization. We are dedicated to investing in the communities where we conduct our geological exploration activities, with the aim of improving the lives of residents and creating positive change. The company actively promotes ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards as part of its business model.  


“Since our establishment, we have invested over 100,000 KM in various communities through numerous sponsorships and donations. These funds are allocated to support various events, organizations, clubs, and universities. We recognize that supporting local culture, sports, and education is crucial for the sustainable development of the communities in which we operate,” said Mladen Lujić, the company’s director. 


Special emphasis is placed on supporting quality education with a focus on scholarships. The company recognizes the importance of education in developing young talents and investing in the future of geological exploration. Through scholarship programs, we provide support for the education of young professionals who will become leaders in this field. Currently, we sponsor two talented students at the Faculty of Mining in Prijedor, providing them with financial support throughout their studies.  


In addition to supporting education, we also support sports talents in local communities. Besides sponsoring sport clubs, we provide scholarships to young athletes, recognizing the importance of developing sports skills and promoting a healthy lifestyle among youth. By sponsoring sports talents, we create opportunities for their further development and achieving top-notch results.  


“Our company aims to be an active and constructive member of every community in which we operate. For this reason, we are committed to various forms of support for the local community, primarily through employing local personnel, establishing business collaborations with domestic companies, and investing in socially significant projects,” added Lujić.  

Through these initiatives, we contribute to building a better future for all. 


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