27 October 2022

Construction of Bridge in Podrašnica Eases Access to Properties for Locals

Lykos Balkan Metals, as a socially responsible company focused on the development of the local community in which it operates, has recently invested in improving road infrastructure in the village of Podrašnica in the Mrkonjić Grad municipality.

SNK Metali, a member of the Lykos group, conducts geological research on colored and noble metals in this area. As there was no adequate crossing over the Zelenkovac River, an investment of over 5,000 KM was made to build a bridge that will permanently serve the local population.

“For the needs of geophysical work, which are part of our geological research, we required a plot of land in Podrašnica. As responsible investors, we contacted representatives of the Podrašnica local community in order to recommend the most suitable location. After discussions with them, we came up with the idea of building a crossing over the river for the one-time needs of the company and the long-term needs of the local population,” said Mladen Lujić, Technical Director at Lykos Balkan Metals.

The new 25-meter bridge has replaced the previous path that was neither safe nor accessible throughout the year. Žarko Danilović, the President of the Podrašnica Local Community, confirmed that this crossing provides access to their properties in Gornja and Donja Groca for 80 households.

Although building the bridge was not the most economically favorable option for Lykos, Lujić emphasizes that they decided to meet the needs of the local community and contribute to improving road access for the residents. In addition to the Podrašnica crossing, investments were also made in the construction of a 4.5 km road from Majdan to Sinjakovo, a 2.5 km road at the Debela Kosa site, as well as the Prisoje – Bag section in the Jezero Municipality.

The goal of Lykos Balkan Metals in the future remains to contribute to the economic development of the communities in which it operates, wherever there is a need and possibility to do so.

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