25 October 2022

Marija Gavrilović and KK UNSU Continue to Achieve Success with the Support of Lykos

Marija Gavrilović stepped into the gym for her first training session at the age of three and a half. Even though it was through play, she completed her first training, inspired by her older brother who practiced karate, as well as her parents who had been involved in sports for years. Even then, she showed a natural inclination for this sport and great potential.

In the following years, Marija achieved victories and won numerous gold medals. By the age of 13, she became the champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the category for children under 13, already owning 130 medals, 81 of which were gold.

She continued to win medals, and this year alone, she has added several more to her collection. Recently, Marija, together with her long-standing club KK UNSU, won first place and a gold medal at the 16th Traditional International Karate Tournament “Bijeljina Open/Night of Champions” held in Bijeljina. The fact that there were 70 clubs and 553 participants in 680 competitive categories from about ten countries makes this victory even more remarkable.

Youth is our strength

In addition to the aforementioned medal, Marija also won gold at the “Champions’ Cup 2022” held in Podgorica this year. In the highly competitive category of younger cadets U14 (-47), she was convincingly the best and also secured third place in the cadet category (-47). Marija emerged victorious against all her opponents and claimed first place in the first round of the Regional BMSiP Karate League for young and promising athletes. The competition involved seven clubs with six teams in the boys’ category and four teams in the girls’ category for pioneers under 13, as well as about thirty competitors in the cadet and junior male and female categories – individual.

Recently, this remarkable girl added another gold medal to her collection. In Novi Sad, at the “Cup of Friendship” international tournament, she showcased her good form ahead of the Balkan Championship scheduled for early November. In the meantime, at the Karate Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Selection Tournament in Sarajevo, where the national team composition for the upcoming Balkan and European Championships for cadets, juniors, and younger seniors was determined, she won another gold medal. It is important to note that the tournament brought together over 70 clubs and 335 participants, and Marija, without losing a single point in five very demanding matches, proved herself among the top cadets in the -54kg category.

Thanks to the recognition of her talent by the Karate Club UNSU and her own persistence and skill, Marija has achieved great success for years. Her achievements and talent have been acknowledged and rewarded not only in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also beyond.

Proud general sponsor

Karate Club UNSU itself can boast numerous medals and victories in competitions where its members have participated and won medals, as well as in club competitions.

As a socially responsible company, Lykos Balkan Metals strengthens the local community and supports young athletes. By being the general sponsor of KK UNSU and providing a scholarship to Marija Gavrilović, we celebrate their successes as if they were our own and wish them to continue their achievements, knowing they have our support.

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