12 March 2022

Milos Bosnjakovic: Our doors remain open to all residents of Petrovo and their questions

A public forum organized today at the initiative of the management of Lykos Balkan Metals at the terrace of Hotel “Terme Ozren” in Petrovo gathered numerous residents and media representatives, but the constructive dialogue, which the hosts had invited, was ultimately absent.

The hosts had previously invited all residents of Petrovo and the surrounding areas of Ozren to come and engage in an open discussion on all topics related to planned geological exploration in the Sočkovac area. It should be noted that within Lykos Balkan Metals operates “Medeni Brijeg”, the company holding the permit for geological surveys in Petrovo, for which all necessary permits have been issued by the Ministry of Energy and Mining of the Republika Srpska.

Although many attendees were ready to engage in conversation, some of them refused and urged company representatives to address them “on their turf”. Milos Bosnjakovic, the CEO of Lykos Balkan Metals, stepped forward before the audience and invited them to join in the designated space for the public forum; however, some remained firm in their decision.

“We were prepared for a discussion; we came to answer all the questions of the residents of the municipality of Petrovo regarding their concerns about the environment. However, some of them were not willing to talk but rather hindered the dialogue among their neighbors who wanted to clarify doubts regarding this project and the questions they had,” said Bosnjakovic.

He added that he and the other two planned speakers – Mladen Stevanovic, the chief geologist and technical director of Lykos, and Vladimir Simic, a professor of economic geology at the Faculty of Mining and Geology in Belgrade – were ready to answer all the questions of the attendees, regardless of their stance and opinion.

“Through our presence on the Australian stock exchange, our company has committed to adhere to strict business rules and global standards of environmental sustainability. According to these standards, environmental preservation is an absolute priority on which the success of our business depends, where profit is based on scientific results,” explained Mladen Stevanovic, the chief geologist and technical director of the company, reminding that identical research has been conducted in these areas in 1969 and that no negative effects on the environment and human health have been recorded to this day.

Lykos Balkan Metals reaffirms its dedication to openly discuss all issues regarding the ongoing project.

“We regret that today the noise overwhelmed the arguments, but it will not change our attitude towards this project and the community in which we operate. A significant portion of the residents is aware of the potential that such research brings and their safety for the environment in which they are conducted. The doors of our company remain open to all who wanted to hear additional clarifications today and get answers to their doubts because we have nothing to hide. From day one, we have been operating in accordance with all applicable regulations, and at any moment, we are ready to engage in conversations with representatives and members of the community or any organization,” concluded Bosnjakovic.

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